According to different needs either the ITC / B.O.M.T.S. platform or the complete package can be supplied. It results as an evidence of facts that e.g. vehicles should be supplied throughout local partners.

In Italy for example Electric Drive Italia has achieved no. 2 important partnership agreements in Automotive sector with Mercedes Benz Roma and Volkswagen Group Italia.

Besides automotive, there are at least 3 main partners / actors for projects’ execution:

Energy Trading Company

These companies show significant interest in this kind of projects, as electric vehicles evidently represent an increase of power consumption (request).

In Europe different companies show interest in financing (part) of the projects.


the BOMTS platform can be run throughout either Rfid cards (credit cards) or throughout mobile applications.

In both cases IT bank platforms are connected to the BOMTS system in order to guarantee the payments’ procedures.

Banks can therefore achieve marketing advantage and also fees on the diverse executed payments.

In Italy for example, Electric Drive Italia has achieved no. 1 important partnership agreement with Intesa San Paolo – SETEFI Group.

ICT Companies

These companies have to deliver the IT services in order to guarantee the mobile connection from the recharging points to the BOMTS and from the E-cars to the BOMTS.

Moreover: diverse services (e.g. payments of parkings, reservation of hotels / trips / trains / planes, etc) can be arranged throughout the mobile apps.

This means that the IT companies can achieve significant revenues throughout these services.