According to European regulation, in order to constructively develop electrical infrastructures for public use, following scheme must be adopted:

The main actor is represented by the EmSP, means E-Mobility Service Provider:

  • representing the unique interface to the Customers, delivering the Back-end solutions in order to enable electric cars’ use
  • acting as CPO, means as Chargepoint operator, providing services in order to correctly operate the recharging infrastructure

Electric Drive Polska’s core business is represented by the innovative ICT platform, providing Back-end solutions, that has been called B.O.M.T.S. (Banking Operation Maintenance Telematics Security).

This platform enables to control any operational topic of complex E-mobility Services’ infrastructure assuring the operation and verifying 24h / 24h the correspondence to the business plans, that have been previously agreed with final clients.

The B.O.M.T.S. also delivers several additional Smart Services, that may be requested by final users (e.g. surveillance & car  number  plate  identification, special  service  payment  procedures,  operational  issues  as  access/payments of parkings, billing, accounting, reservations, etc.

Business Plans / Revenues / IRR

The added value of the project is represented evidently by the B.O.M.T.S. platform (that is nowadays a unique solution), as throughout the platform the business plans that have been previously agreed with clients / final users, can be monitored & checked 24h / 24 h.

Environment & Marketing

It results as an evidence of facts, that the a.m. solutions represent the future in terms of environmental impact reduction and therefore the target of many companies / municipalities

Moreover it must be underlined that also in terms of marketing potential the electric vehicles’ infrastructure c an bring huge image improvement to infrastructure owners.

Besides a.m. IT-ICT applications, the high potential of B.O.M.T.S. platform is represented by the possibility to interact with the electric grid.

Power Management
It results as an evidence of facts, that the current exponential growth of e-vehicle sector, will consequently affect (as it already has been experienced in the photovoltaic sector) the overall grid stability.

The possible constrains will be always different according to the characteristic of the local grids and according to actual presence of e-vehicles (each having evidently also different electricity absorption characteristics).

In order to solve this important issue, the platform will continuously interact by measuring the grid’s real time parameters.

To regulate the grid’s fluctuations, there are mainly two parameters that have to be analyzed:

Grid overload
In case of grid overload the grid operator usually “cuts” main energy absorption sources by causing huge damages to users, consequently lowering the business plans’ expected revenues.

The project will therefore outline intelligent solutions in order to avoid grid disconnections by use of battery storage systems: these systems can be represented either directly be the batteries inside the cars or by external systems, specifically dedicated to local grids/systems.

This process and  the workflow of  storage will  be of  course “tailored designed”, according to  each  specific available battery storage system, as evidently each different battery system requires the respect of technical battery parameters.

Grid underload
In case of grid underload the system will automatically drop the electric vehicles’ recharging performances, in order to guarantee the possible recharging rates.

The system is also able to operate selective reduction rates, means that specific recharging points, that have been evidenced as primarily points of importance can be affected in a selective way.