The  increase of  electric  &  hybrid  plug in  vehicles is  nowadays exponential: there  are  many  different potential applications, that may benefit from the B.O.M.T.S. services:

Municipalities that want to show some environmentally friendly solutions – high political value

Private fleets of companies (that can be turned to “hybrid fleets”: means some traditional vehicles equipped with  normal  thermal  engines and  some  hybrid  /  electric cars,  both  types can  be  controlled (e.g.  cost controlling) by B.O.M.T.S. platform

Hotels that can resell the electric vehicles’ car sharing service to their clients (means no additional cost for the hotel owner)

Universities (in Italy there are many different projects) that want to arrange pilot car sharing projects in order to show to students / municipalities this new technology

Distribution chains (e.g. supermarkets having parking   places), that want to offer new high tech environmentally friendly solutions to clients

Petrol stations: in Europe the European Commission is pushing the owners to install new electrical recharging points: the BOMTS can offer all required services, comprehending all stations in a network

Private investors that purchase energy at a certain price and resell it to the users: this represents of course the very beginning of construction of the “petrol stations of the future”

Any company wanting to start interesting high ethic value – environmentally friendly – CSR projects.